Columns Visibility

Columns Dropdown

If you would like to enable the user to control the columns' visibility set the columnsDropdown option to true. This will add a dropdown button to the left of the per-page control. The drop down will contain a list of the columns with checkboxes to toggle visibility.

Responsive Columns Display

The columnsDisplay option allows you control over columns visibility depending on window size. Columns will only be shown when the window width is within the defined limits.

It accepts key-value pairs of column name and device. Possible values are:

  • mobile (x < 480)

  • mobileP (x < 320)

  • mobileL (320 <= x < 480)

  • tablet (480 <= x < 1024)

  • tabletP (480 <= x < 768)

  • tabletL (768 <= x < 1024)

  • desktop (1024 <= x < 1280)

  • desktopLarge (1280 <= x < 1920)

  • desktopHuge (x >= 1920)

All options can be preceded by the logical operators min,max, and not followed by an underscore.

For example, a column which is set to not_mobile will be shown when the width of the window is greater than or equal to 480px, while a column set to max_tabletP will only be shown when the width is under 768px

This option can work in conjunction with the columnsDropdown option, so by default only visible columns will be checked in the dropdown list

The columnsDropdown option can work in conjunction with columnsDisplay. The rule is that as long as the user hasn't toggled a column himself, the rules you have declared in columnsDisplay takes precedence. Once the user toggled a column, he is in charge of columns' visibility, and the settings of columnsDisplay are disregarded.

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