Server Table

Getting started with server table

<div id="people">
  <v-server-table url="/people" :columns="columns" :options="options"/>
new Vue({
    el: "#people",
    data: {
        columns: ['id', 'name', 'age'],
        options: {
            // see the options API

All request data is passed in the following GET parameters:

  • query

  • limit

  • page

  • orderBy

  • ascending

  • byColumn

You need to return a JSON object containing two properties:

  • data : array - An array of row objects with identical keys.

  • count: integer - Total count before limit.

If you are calling a foreign API or simply want to use your own keys, refer to the `responseAdapter` option.

If you want to get the request parameters and send them to a different URL (e.g in order to export to Excel) use this.$refs.myTable.getRequestParams()

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