manipulate the table Programmatically

Call methods on your instance using the ref attribute.

  • setPage(page)

  • setLimit(recordsPerPage)

  • setOrder(column, isAscending)

  • setFilter(query) - query should be a string, or an object if filterByColumn is set to true.

  • resetQuery() - Resets all query inputs (user-request filters) to empty strings.

  • getData() Get table data using the existing request parameters. Server component only.

  • refresh() Refresh the table. This method is simply a wrapper for the serverSearch method, and thus resets the pagination. Server component only

  • getOpenChildRows(rows = null) If no argument is supplied returns all open child row components in the page. To limit the returned dataset you can pass the rows arguemnt, which should be an array of unique identifiers.

  • setCustomFilters(params) set custom filters values. Expects an object with key-value pairs

  • resetCustomFilters() (server component) resets all custom filters to null

  • getRequestParams() (server component) get current request parameters

  • setRequestParams(params) (server component) - see here

  • downloadCsv(filename = 'table.csv') (client component) - premium version - download CSV of current table state (i.e filtered and sorted, without pagination limit)

  • The getOpenChildRows method is only to be used when the child row is a component

  • In order for this method to work you need to set the name property on your component to ChildRow

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